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Friendly Astonished EP

by Dirtman

warning signs that i should've heeded now i lay alone, defeated “insta-kill™,” the package said can't believe i wound up dead works like a charm, i rave! from beyond the grave.
Mud March 01:47
You were a brilliant boy surrounded by the dark You traded honesty for cupcakes and ice Forgot to name your hand in the frozen trailer park You wanted everything that was ugly and untrue Now I'll build these things for you: a grass house a stone arch alone in the mud march I'll live in the trees with your bones in the Mud March
multicolored strands cascading ever down a million helping hands hiding smiles hiding frowns and it all makes me nervous and yes I must confess the very thing I speak of is a strange facial headdress it's amazing and it's shaming the animals use it to nest it helps you fly it grows from your eye and you can't call it stark cause it glows in the dark your beard is weird and I really don't like it but I can't help but stare your beard is weird
Icy Stars 02:40
Tell me how can you live in the void And is it worth all the pain you could avoid? Tell me how I can save my car It’s being buried in icy stars INK YOUR NAME ON THE ASTRAL PLANE IN THE ANCIENT WAAAAAAAY! Where oh where will I find my things? Keep ‘em inside with all of my strings... Tell me how I can save my cars From being buried in icy stars CLAP YOUR HANDS TO THE OL’ JUG BAND IN THE ANCIENT LAAAAAND!


This was originally supposed to be a split single with the band Naked Ant (nakedant.bandcamp.com). However, I finished my tracks way before they were able to record anything, so they've given me the go-ahead to release my half as a standalone EP. This recording never would have happened without their invitation to work together, so thanks to them for getting Dirtman kick-started again.

After finishing these four tracks (which had been kicking around in demo form for a while), I was inspired to start working on a new full-length album, and I wrote a bunch of songs, which are among the best I've ever written. So stay tuned for more soon. The LP will probably include some of these four EP songs, maybe in slightly different form.


released May 26, 2015

Ben Baker - drums and percussion, backing vocals, organ, recording, mixing, mastering

Dan - guitar, bass, vocals, chord organ, ukulele

April - backing vocals on "Beard," cover art


Insta-Kill™ written by Dan all by himself
Mud March - words by Arthur and April, music by Dan
Your Beard is Weird - words by April, music by Dan
Icy Stars - words by Dan and Thom, music by April and Dan




Dirtman Rochester, New York

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